Current Status

Our platform is live and continues to gain market traction at a rapid pace.  We are committed to a continuous improvement environment and have leaned on, and remain grateful to, our three founding broker partners for their continuing support and feedback.   Initial feedback highlights our ease of use and efficiency and we are working to make that even better.

In our continued effort to scale the platform and drive growth, we have added three new broker partners.    We welcome them to the platform and look forward to a successful partnership.

Our insurance partner, Axis Insurance, has expanded the underwriting parameters based on feedback from our valued broker partners.

Look for us to continue to expand our capabilities on our platform and enhance the overall experience as we continue to listen to feedback from our growing user community, our insurance partner, and learning from our ever-changing business models.

Production support has been ramped up with increased support staffing and the utilization of various technologies to support the process of binding policies and tracking relevant documentation and financial information.