Our Technology

AllDigital Specialty has built an industry-leading technology platform using Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence to seamlessly serve our partners and market.

Using Blockchain technology, AllDigital Specialty’s platform will allow brokers, insurance carriers, and Third-Party Administrators for claims (TPAs) to instantaneously access all transactions from a single, secure source of truth.  Blockchain allows for completely efficient and secure transmission of relevant data, thereby reducing the cost of transacting small commercial insurance. By requiring little to no human interaction on the transaction at hand, the platform is easily scaled reducing costs for all. Applications are taken electronically, and policies are issued instantaneously, all with an eye on providing maximum value to the insured.

Carriers using AllDigital Specialty’s Artificial Intelligence algorithm will be able to efficiently underwrite profitable accounts, without the need for underwriters to review each and every application. The AI algorithm maintains a feedback loop, learning over time, to continually improve risk selection and pricing, ensuring optimal profitability. Optimized pricing and eligibility criteria are quickly fed to our broker partners and end insureds, easing their buying process and helping them navigate an already challenging environment.

A private permissioned Blockchain network will provide a secure, economical and efficient infrastructure for all insurance transactions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will drive risk selection and pricing.


Why Choose Us


Proprietary customizable / configurable risk simulator along with Blockchain strucutre capable of delivering a bindable quote in 3 minutes in self service mode.


The Blockchain and AI network provides instantaneous access to a single secure version of the truth to our Underwriters, Broker Partners and Carrier in an easy-to-use portal.

Cost Reduction

Our cloud base solution is a low-cost alternative to plug and play without the need to distribute technology and upgrades internally and to our partners.

Eliminates Friction

Eliminates friction evident in the traditional distribution channels by digitizing the delivery process.


Trusted and Satisfied Customers